Recent Working Fires & Rescues

2015 Working Fires (12) & Rescues 

Dwelling Fire – First Due 8/26/15

While 88 units were clearing a MVA on the Pennsylvania Turnpike a box was dispatched for a possible roof on fire,  Chief 88 added an additional 1 and 1 on the box due to a prolonged response back from the turnpike.  Engine 88 arrived with a 3 story brick single family dwelling with fire showing from the 3rd floor on side alpha.  Engine 88 secured a primary water supply and stretched a line to the attic.  Squad 6 arrived next and advanced a backup line to the 2nd floor.  As the remainder of the box alarm units arrived Engine 88 extinguished all visible fire and the incident was placed under control 17 minutes after Engine 88 arrived.  This was the 3rd fire for FWFC units in the last 4 days.


2nd Alarm Apartment / LDH Strike Team -8/26/15  Upper Merion

Engine 88 responded as part of the Eastern Montgomery County large diameter hose strike team to a 2nd alarm apartment fire in Upper Merion Township just before 2am.  Upper Merion units noticed a water main break in the area of the fire and added the LDH strike team as a precaution.  The LDH units remained on scene for 2hrs.

Building Fire – First Due 8/23/15

As FWFC members were wrapping up training on our new bail out harnesses a box was dispatched for a commercial building fire in an assisted living facility on Susquehanna Road. Upper Dublin police had been notified of a fire alarm at this location and the call was upgraded to a box after a call received reporting a kitchen fire.  Police arrived and had heavy smoke in the kitchen area.  Engine 88 was the first arriving unit and positioned on side delta.  Engine 88 stretched a line to the kitchen and found a small fire in the laundry room in the kitchen area. Chief 88 established command and the fire was placed under control several minutes later.


Vehicle Rescue – 41 Box 7/15/15

Station 88  was dispatched for a 1 vehicle accident with entrapment on Camp Hill Road at the railroad bridge.  Units arrived on scene and had one vehicle that had hit the bridge head on.  Crews stabilized the vehicle, removed the drivers door and assisted EMS in removing the patient from the vehicle.

Commercial Vehicle Rescue – PA Turnpike 6/30/15

Station 88, 44 & 351 were dispatched to a reported vehicle accident with 1 trapped W/B on the PA Turnpike at the ramp to I476 around 6:30am. Chief 10 was in the area just as the accident happened and confirmed 1 person trapped in an overturned tri-axle dump truck. The dump truck overturned on the driver’s side pinning both of the driver’s legs on either side of the guard rail and the cab was hanging over a 30ft embankment. All crews on scene worked to stabilize the cab utilizing Paratech Commercial Vehicle Struts, Rescue 88’s front winch and multiple pieces of cribbing. A rope system was setup to safely allow personnel to descend the embankment to check the stability of the cab. After the vehicle was stabilized several rescue action plans were developed and implemented. As part of the rescue action plan Rob’s Towing Heavy Rotator was requested along with Jamie Dougherty from Janeway towing. Station 88, 44 and Janeway Towing train together on heavy vehicle rescues each year. This training enables us to utilize the expertise of tow operators and their equipment if it’s needed. Although this was a challenging incident all personnel on scene worked flawlessly and the driver was freed and turned over to EMS. Special thanks to Chief 10, Jamie Dougherty & Station 43 for handling the Landing Zone.

veh1 veh2

Dwelling Fire – 39 Box

Dwelling Fire: The 8th call of Sunday for Fort (16th of the Holiday Weekend) went out right before 9PM with Station 15 and Squad 88 dispatched for a vehicle fire in the 600 block of Norristown Rd in Horsham. Right after dispatch, the call was upgraded to a dwelling due to the garage now on fire, which brought Tower and Engine 88-1 to the scene as well. Chief 15 assumed Norristown Command and ordered Squad 88 to drop a supply line with Chief 88 to take interior. The auto and garage fire was knocked down and crews checked the interior of the home and attic space for fire extension. Units cleared right before 11PM. Photos by Brian Sullivan and Horsham ChATs.

fire22 roof2

3rd Alarm Building Fire – Plymouth Twp – 5/17/15

Around 4am Tower 88 was dispatched to stand by at Station 35 in Conshohocken while multiple companies were operating at a fire in a large 1 story warehouse.  At 5:31am Engine 88-1 responded to the scene with the Eastern Montgomery County LDH Strike Team. Tower 88 was called into the scene and setup on the A/D corner of the building.  Tower 88 cleared the scene at 11:40am.

tower3 tower2

Vehicle Rescue – PA Turnpike 5/16/15

Stations 88 & 10 responded to Mile Marker 341.0 E/B on the PA Turnpike at 3:22pm for a vehicle accident with entrapment.  Crews stabilized the vehicle, removed (2) patients and assisted the state police cleaning up debris.

Dwelling Fire – 43 Box 5/12/15

On Tuesday May 12th around 6:30pm Rescue & Tower 88 responded on the box to North Spring Garden Street in Ambler for a commercial building fire.  Captain 88 arrived with a 3 story commercial building with smoke showing from side alpha on the 3rd floor.  E7-3 was the first arriving unit and they stretched (1) hose line to the 3rd floor and quickly extinguished a small fire in the 3rd floor kitchen. Tower & Rescue 88 deployed ladders and checked for extension which was negative.  FWFC units went available after 30 minutes.

4th Alarm Building Fire – 35 Box 3/2/15

E88-1 responded on the box to Wyandotte Road in Upper Moreland for a commercial building fire.  Shortly after dispatch Rescue 88 was added as RIT.  Command advised there were multiple explosions and struck the 2nd alarm.  FWFC units established RIT on the Alpha / Brave corner of the building and streched 400+ feet of 2.5″ around to the Delta side of the building.  Chief 88 was assigned the Charlie Division Supervisor.  This incident reached 4 alarms.  While FWFC units were operating at the building fire additional FWFC crews responded to (2) box alarms, vehicle rescue, elevator rescue, Hazmat and a vehicle fire.  FWFC units cleared the building fire just after 9pm.

Helmet Cam Video  Audio Part #1  Audio Part #2  Audio Part #3

Dwelling Fire – 35 Box 2/7/15

Engine 88, Engine 88-1 & Chief 88 responded to a dwelling fire in Station 10′s (Willow Grove) first due at 16:21 hrs on February 7, 2015.  Engine 88 picked up the first due engine’s supply line and both engine crew’s assisted with overhaul.



blair_mill2 blair_mill

Commercial Building Fire – 47 Box 2/6/15

Tower 88 was dispatched to stand by at Station 18A (Montgomery Twp) while 18 units operated at a working building fire.  While en route to 18A Tower 88 was diverted into the scene.  Captain 88-1 was designated as the staging officer by command.


Dwelling Fire – First Due 2/4/15

Station 88 was dispatched for a dwelling fire at 12:26 on February 4, 2015 just after clearing an automatic fire alarm in the first due.   Engine 88 arrived first, secured a primary water supply and stretched (1) 1.75″ line to the second floor.  Captain 88 arrived just after the engine and reported units had a two story single family dwelling with smoke showing from the 2nd floor and established command.  Tower 88 was the first arriving ladder and split into an interior and exterior team.  The exterior team laddered the building while the interior team met up with Engine 88,  located the fire & completed the primary search of the 2nd floor.  Squad 6 was the fast team and they setup on side alpha.  Squad 7 and Ladder 7 secured the utilities and assisted with multiple other duties on the fire ground.  Chief 88 placed the fire under control 13 minutes after Engine 88 arrived on scene.



2015-02-04 23.43.42

Norristown 4th Alarm Apartment Building – 52 Box 2/4/15

At 01:32 on February 4, 2015  E88 responded as part of the Eastern Montgomery County Large Diameter Hose Strike Force to a 4th Alarm apartment building fire in Norristown.  E88 arrived and 27 Command designated Assistant 88 as the LDH OIC.  The LDH units established a 5″ supply line from a 30″ water main into the scene.  During the incident E88′s crew relieved one of the FAST teams.  E88 returned to service at 05:36.

norristown norristown2

Photo & Video Credits – Brian Sullivan Video Audio


Washington Towers 2nd Alarm Apartment Building – 32 Box 1/28/15

At 12:55 on January 28, 2015 E88 & TW88 were dispatched as the 2nd due Engine and Ladder for a reported apartment fire in Station 29′s (Barren Hill) local.  Captain 88 arrived on scene with a 4 story wood frame apartment building and had fire showing from the charlie side on the 2nd floor.  Multiple people were trapped on balconies on the alpha, delta and charlie sides of the building.  E88 arrived and secured a primary water supply for E6.  TW88 arrived and deployed multiple ladders including the 50ft Bangor and made (3) rescues from the 4th floor balcony on the delta side of the building.  Upper Dublin & Whitemarsh police also made multiple rescues.  FWFC units along with multiple mutual aide companies extinguished the fire and searched the entire building.  The fire was placed under control at 02:20hrs.




wash wash2

2014 Working Fires (21)

11/22/14 – Building Fire

Around 12:30pm 88 units were dispatched for an automatic fire alarm at Saint Teresa’s Dormitory.  After dispatch the incident was upgraded to a building fire after an employee reported there was a fire.  Engine 7-3, Ladder 7 & Squad 6 (RIT) were added on the box.  Upper Dublin Police arrived on scene with nothing showing.  After entering the building UDPD found smoke inside and were unable to make it up to the second floor.  Engine 88 arrived, laid a 5″ supply line and stretched (1) 1.75″ hose line to the second floor.  Engine 88 quickly extinguished the fire and command placed the fire under control 9 minutes after Engine 88′s arrival.


11/22/14 – 2nd Alarm Building Fire – 39 Box

At approximately 0435 hours Engine 88-1 was dispatched to assist Horsham Fire Company on a second alarm building fire assignment at 310 Green Meadow Lane.  Tower 88 was originally dispatched for a standby assignment, but was then called into the scene for a RIT assignment.  Crews operated for approximately two hours, providing manpower and performing overhaul / salvage.  Battalion Chief 88 was designated as the Incident Safety Officer.


10/9/14 – Commercial Building Fire – 43 Box

Tower & Engine 88 responded on the box to Ambler for a reported commercial building fire. Chief 7 arrived on scene with a 100×200 building and had smoke showing from the roof. Tower 88 arrived as the 2nd due truck and positioned on the Alpha / Delta corner. Tower 88’s crew split into an exterior and interior crew. The Officer, Canman and Barman entered division one, performed a primary search and pulled ceilings. The OVM and Roofman laddered the building while Captain 88 and the extra FF position from Tower 88 went to the roof. The roof crew cut multiple holes and assisted Ladder 7 with opening up the roof to expose the fire. Engine 88 backed into Engine 7-3 and prepared to lay a 2nd supply line if needed. 88 units operated for about 80 minutes before returning to service.

ambler4 ambler8

Dwelling Fire – 9/29/14

Around 3am Station 88 along with Engine 15 and Tower 500 were dispatched to a reported dwelling fire on Eastwind Circle.  Battalion 88 arrived on scene with a two story single family dwelling and had fire showing from the rear.  Battalion 88 established command and provided water supply information to Engine 88-1.  Engine 88-1 arrived on scene, laid a supply line and stretched (1) 1.75″ hose line to the rear. Engine 88-1 found fire involving the rear deck, outside wall & roof on side charlie.     Engine 88 arrived and established a 2nd water supply.  Engine 88 along with Engine 15 stretched (2) 1.75″ through the front door, found fire throughout and extinguished the same.  While units were operating inside the building command added the equivalent of a 2nd alarm to the assignment.  Engine 88 advanced their line to division two and found multiple rooms on fire.  As they were extinguishing fire in several bedrooms command evacuated the building due to the attic space becoming fully involved.  Command advised Tower 500 and Tower 88 to both go in service with their elevated master streams.  Units operated on scene for 3.5hrs.

eastwind2 eastwind





Dwelling Fire

Around 6pm tonight, Station 88 along with stations 15 & 10 were dispatched to a reported dwelling fire in the 1800 block of Purdie Lane. Battalion 15 arrived on scene with smoke showing and visible fire inside a two story single family dwelling. Squad 10 was the first arriving engine with Engine 88 arriving seconds later. Engine 88 positioned just past the fire building as Squad 10 laid a supply line into Engine 88. Engine 88′s crew stretched a 200ft 1.75″ line into the first floor and extinguished fire in the laundry room. Stations 15 and 10 laddered the building, stretched a backup line, searched all divisions and assisted with ventilation. Rescue 7 assumed Rapid Intervention responsibilities. All units operated quickly and efficiently.

purdie purdie2

Audio - purdie_final_edit

8/8/14 – Apartment Fire with Rescue

Around 2AM, units were dispatched to the Woods Apartments for a reported fire. Captain 88 arrived with smoke showing and police were reporting people trapped. Engine 88 arrived on scene, laid a supply line and went to work. While the crew was deploying the 300 ft. line, Capt. Lester and FF Sonetto went ahead of the hose line and proceeded to the fire apartment, where they located a victim inside the apartment. The victim was removed and passed to EMS personnel. The line then proceeded inside and began knocking down the fire. As other units arrived, ladders were deployed, a second line was stretched and secondary searches were completed. The fire was also extending out of the apartment and up to the roof. The exterior fire was knocked down and crews went to the roof to cut off any fire spread. The fire was placed under control in about 35 minutes and the bulk of the damage was confined to the original fire apartment. Units from Wissahickon, Horsham , Montgomery, Roslyn and Flourtown all assisted. EMS units from Ambler Ambulance, Second Alarmers and VMSC Lansdale were also on scene as well us UDPD. Thanks again to Harmonville Fire Company for standing by at 88-A. A job well done by all companies!

Audi:  lincolndrive_edit

woods2 woods1

7/27/14 – Working Fire (4th fire in July)

Around 00:30 hrs units were dispatched to the area of Jarrettown Road & Heard Drive for a possible house fire. Battalion 88 and Chief 88 arrived with a barn fire in the 1700 block of Jarrettown Road. Engine 88 laid a supply line from Heard Drive and deployed 2.5″ hose lines to knock down the fire. Engine 15-1 (Horsham) laid a secondary supply line from Tuckerstown Road to supply a ladder truck if needed. A collapse zone was set up and shortly after our arrival, one of the walls of the barn collapsed. After the main fire was knocked down, Tower 500 (Roslyn) was able to position in front of the building and utilize their elevated master stream while being supplied by E15-1. Squad 10 (Willow Grove) stood by as RIT and Ladder 7.

barn1 barn2


Audio jarretown_audio_edit

7/8/14 – Working Fire

Shortly after 11PM on Tuesday night, FWFC was dispatched for a gas leak outside in the 700 block of Honey Run Road. Shortly thereafter, the call was upgraded to a building fire as numerous callers reported a gas leak with fire. Captain 88 arrived with a 2 story middle of the row townhouse with an active gas fed fire and also electrical arching. Engine 88 laid a supply line in and stretched a hose line. Additional personnel began evacuating adjacent homes. An additional hose line was stretched from E88 to the rear of the home and it was determined that there was fire in the home. 88′s crew along with Ladder 18 (Montgomery Twp) knocked down all visible fire inside the home and began to open up walls/ceilings to expose hidden fire. A secondary supply line was laid by Squad 7 as a precaution. PECO arrived on scene, secured the gas and electric and the situation was under control. The remaining fire was extinguished and all units cleared the scene at 1:25 AM. Thanks to our mutual aid partners Wissahickon, Horsham, Montgomery and Ambler EMS for the assistance.



7/3/14 – Dwelling Fire

Station 88, Engine 7-3 & Ladder 7 were at it again responding to the 2nd working fire in three days.  Chief 88 arrived on scene with a large two story light weight constructed dwelling and had smoke showing from the roof. Chief 88 established command on Side alpha.  (This house did have sprinklers.)  Squad 88 arrived first and laid a supply line, forced entry on side alpha and stretched (1) 1 3/4″ line to division two.  The Squad’s crew advanced their line into the attic and found fire on the bravo side.  Ladder 7 was the first truck on scene and went to the roof to start vertical ventilation.  Rescue 88′s crew stretched a 2nd 1.75″ line and extended it along with Squad 88′s  line.  Due to the size of the dwelling both lines were extended to 300ft.  During the initial operations command requested additional resources from Stations 15, 18, 62 due to the size of the dwelling and the close to 100 degree temperature.  All units did a fantastic job and held the fire to the attic.

fwfc fwfc2

7/1/14 – Basement Fire

Station 88 along with Engine 7-3 and Ladder 7 were dispatched for a reported basement fire on Argyle Ave in the first due.  Due to the initial reports of smoke from the basement the RIT team (Squad 6) was added just after dispatch.  Upper Dublin Police arrived on scene and confirmed smoke coming from the basement.  Engine 88 arrived first and secured their own water supply.  The crew from Engine 88 stretched (1) line to the basement and extinguished a small fire in the dryer.  Ladder 7 was the first arriving ladder and completed the primary search.  The assignment was scaled back in under 10 minutes and all units returned to service a short time after.

5/18/14 – 2nd Alarm Commercial Building – 47 Box

Tower 88 responded on the 2nd Alarm to the Assi Plaza shopping center.  Command directed Tower 88 to setup on side Delta at the “D2″ exposure.  Tower 88′s crew split into an exterior and interior team.  The exterior team placed a 35ft ladder to the roof and checked the roof’s of several exposures.  The interior team checked for extension and smoke in the “D2″ exposure.  Crews assisted with ventilation and returned to service after about 60 minutes.

TOWER88_2 assi2

5/3/14 -Dwelling Fire 39 Box

Engine 88 was standing by at Station 15A while units operated at a working fire. Shortly after arriving at the station command requested the standby companies to respond into the scene.  Engine 88 operated on scene for about an hour.

horsham_5_14 horsham_5_14_2

3/19/14 – Dwelling Fire

For the second time this week 88 units responded to a working dwelling fire in the first due. Chief 88 arrived on scene with smoke showing from side “C” on division two of a two story split level. Ladder 400 was the first unit to arrive and positioned on side Alpha. Ladder 400′s canman knocked the fire in a second floor bedroom. Engine 88 arrived next and stretched (1) 1.75″ hand line to the second floor. Engine 702 laid a 5″ supply line into the scene. Special Service 400 had RIT. Fire was under control within 15 minutes.