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2014 Working Fires (14)

7/8/14 – Working Fire

Shortly after 11PM on Tuesday night, FWFC was dispatched for a gas leak outside in the 700 block of Honey Run Road. Shortly thereafter, the call was upgraded to a building fire as numerous callers reported a gas leak with fire. Captain 88 arrived with a 2 story middle of the row townhouse with an active gas fed fire and also electrical arching. Engine 88 laid a supply line in and stretched a hose line. Additional personnel began evacuating adjacent homes. An additional hose line was stretched from E88 to the rear of the home and it was determined that there was fire in the home. 88′s crew along with Ladder 18 (Montgomery Twp) knocked down all visible fire inside the home and began to open up walls/ceilings to expose hidden fire. A secondary supply line was laid by Squad 7 as a precaution. PECO arrived on scene, secured the gas and electric and the situation was under control. The remaining fire was extinguished and all units cleared the scene at 1:25 AM. Thanks to our mutual aid partners Wissahickon, Horsham, Montgomery and Ambler EMS for the assistance.



7/3/14 – Dwelling Fire

Station 88, Engine 7-3 & Ladder 7 were at it again responding to the 2nd working fire in three days.  Chief 88 arrived on scene with a large two story light weight constructed dwelling and had smoke showing from the roof. Chief 88 established command on Side alpha.  (This house did have sprinklers.)  Squad 88 arrived first and laid a supply line, forced entry on side alpha and stretched (1) 1 3/4″ line to division two.  The Squad’s crew advanced their line into the attic and found fire on the bravo side.  Ladder 7 was the first truck on scene and went to the roof to start vertical ventilation.  Rescue 88′s crew stretched a 2nd 1.75″ line and extended it along with Squad 88′s  line.  Due to the size of the dwelling both lines were extended to 300ft.  During the initial operations command requested additional resources from Stations 15, 18, 62 due to the size of the dwelling and the close to 100 degree temperature.  All units did a fantastic job and held the fire to the attic.

fwfc fwfc2

7/1/14 – Basement Fire

Station 88 along with Engine 7-3 and Ladder 7 were dispatched for a reported basement fire on Argyle Ave in the first due.  Due to the initial reports of smoke from the basement the RIT team (Squad 6) was added just after dispatch.  Upper Dublin Police arrived on scene and confirmed smoke coming from the basement.  Engine 88 arrived first and secured their own water supply.  The crew from Engine 88 stretched (1) line to the basement and extinguished a small fire in the dryer.  Ladder 7 was the first arriving ladder and completed the primary search.  The assignment was scaled back in under 10 minutes and all units returned to service a short time after.

5/18/14 – 2nd Alarm Commercial Building – 47 Box

Tower 88 responded on the 2nd Alarm to the Assi Plaza shopping center.  Command directed Tower 88 to setup on side Delta at the “D2″ exposure.  Tower 88′s crew split into an exterior and interior team.  The exterior team placed a 35ft ladder to the roof and checked the roof’s of several exposures.  The interior team checked for extension and smoke in the “D2″ exposure.  Crews assisted with ventilation and returned to service after about 60 minutes.

TOWER88_2 assi2

5/3/14 -Dwelling Fire 39 Box

Engine 88 was standing by at Station 15A while units operated at a working fire. Shortly after arriving at the station command requested the standby companies to respond into the scene.  Engine 88 operated on scene for about an hour.

horsham_5_14 horsham_5_14_2

3/19/14 – Dwelling Fire

For the second time this week 88 units responded to a working dwelling fire in the first due. Chief 88 arrived on scene with smoke showing from side “C” on division two of a two story split level. Ladder 400 was the first unit to arrive and positioned on side Alpha. Ladder 400′s canman knocked the fire in a second floor bedroom. Engine 88 arrived next and stretched (1) 1.75″ hand line to the second floor. Engine 702 laid a 5″ supply line into the scene. Special Service 400 had RIT. Fire was under control within 15 minutes.