Recent Working Fires

2014 Working Fires (9)

3/19/14 – Dwelling Fire

For the second time this week 88 units responded to a working dwelling fire in the first due. Chief 88 arrived on scene with smoke showing from side “C” on division two of a two story split level. Ladder 400 was the first unit to arrive and positioned on side Alpha. Ladder 400′s canman knocked the fire in a second floor bedroom. Engine 88 arrived next and stretched (1) 1.75″ hand line to the second floor. Engine 702 laid a 5″ supply line into the scene. Special Service 400 had RIT. Fire was under control within 15 minutes.


3/16/14 – Dwelling Fire

At 5:27am 88 units along with Ladder 400 and Engine 500 were dispatched to a reported dwelling fire. Chief 88 arrived on scene with fire showing from the attached garage of a single family split level house. E88-1 laid a supply line and stretched (1) 1.75″ to the garage. Tower 88 positioned on side alpha and laddered the building. E88 stretched a 2nd 1.75″ line to division 2 and worked with Ladder 400 to check for extension above the fire.

3/3/14 – Dwelling Fire

While crews were performing equipment checks a box was transmitted for a dwelling fire in the first due.  The first arriving officer had fire showing on the exterior of a two story single family dwelling around a window.  Engine 88-1 arrived and stretched (1) 1.75″ line to the interior.  E88-1′s crew advised the fire had not extended inside the dwelling.  Ladder 400 arrived and positioned on side Alpha followed by Engine 88.  Engine 88 stretched a backup line and extinguished the exterior fire.  Crews performed overhaul around the window area and units went available shortly after.

2/26/14 – Building Fire

Engine & Tower 88 responded on the box to Zina’s Restaurant in station 7′s local just after 7AM. Captain 88 arrived on scene and had fire in the kitchen of a 1 story restaurant. Engine 7-3 & Chief 7 arrived shortly after, stretched (1) 1 3/4 line and extinguished the fire. Tower 88 checked the roof area for extension which was negative.

Pennsylvania Ave – Vehicle Rescue

2/24/14 – Vehicle Rescue

Station 88 was dispatched to standby at a vehicle accident in front of Rosario’s Pizza on Pennsylvania Ave.  While 88 units were responding the incident was upgraded to a vehicle rescue with one person trapped in a vehicle that was on its side up against the building.  The upgrade automatically added Rescue 300 to the assignment. Crews stretched (1) 1 3/4″ hose line, removed the windshield, removed the “A” post and assisted ems.

Blair Mill Road – Building Fire

2/21/14 – Building Fire – 39 Box

Engine 88 responded on the box to the UPS shipping facility on Blair Mill Road in station 15′s local.  Engine 88′s crew assisted with gaining access to the fire and Chief 88 was assigned to the operations sector.

Terrace Drive – Dwelling Fire

Dwelling Fire – 2/6/14

Just before 3:00 AM 88 & 7 units were dispatched to a reported dwelling fire in the first due. Power was still out in the area from the recent ice storm.   Battalion 88 arrived and had a 2 story single family dwelling with nothing evident from side A.  Upon investigation fire was found in the wall above the chimney.  The chimney had collapsed and fire extended into the wall surrounding the fire place/chimney. Engine 88 arrived and stretched a 1.75″ hose line to the first floor and opened the wall to find fire. Squad 88-1 reverse laid a 5″ supply line from Engine 88. Tower 88 laddered the building and assisted in checking for extension on floors one and two. Station 7 pulled a 2nd hose line off of Engine 88. It was determined that the fire did not extend past the first floor and crews opened up and wet down the area before being released.