Engine & Rescue 88 assist Station 7 on a Rescue
November 4, 2019

Just before midnight on Halloween Engine 88 was dispatched to Ambler to assist Station 7 with a tree into a house. Assistant Chief 7-2 arrived and advised he had two people trapped in the house. Rescue 88 was added on the incident after the occupants were confirmed to be trapped In the house. A large tree had fallen through the roof, into the 2nd floor on top of the two residents who were still in bed and pushed the 2nd floor partially into the first floor. Chief 7 arrived, established command and requested the Montgomery County Urban Search and Rescue Team. Station 7 and 88 units worked together to stabilize the tree and establish a collapse zone due to the extreme damage to the house. The first resident was removed 36 minutes into the incident from the top side of the house. The 2nd resident was pinned in bed and the USAR team leader decided the best way to remove this resident was from the 1st floor. Crews used Paratech Interstate Struts that Rescue 88 carries to stabilize part of the tree and some of the 2nd floor joists that had been compromised. Once the 2nd floor was supported several joists were cut and the resident was lowered down to the first floor and removed about and hour and fifteen minutes after units arrived on scene. This incident was a perfect example of local crews working side by side with the USAR team to mitigate the incident.

Mutual Aid: Wissahickon Fire Company Montgomery County USAR