Tanker Roll Over Training
April 11, 2019

On Monday night April 8, 2019, FWFC hosted Weldon Fire Company Rescue 300 and Penndel Towing and Recovery to train on tanker rollover operations, simulating a large tanker carrying flammable liquids rolled over onto a passenger minivan. FWFC crews worked to stabilize the tanker with our Paratech Heavy Vehicle Rescue struts while Weldon crews used their low-pressure airbags to do the same. Once stabilized, crews used the low-pressure airbags to lift the tanker off of the vehicle and used a winch to pull the vehicle out from under the tanker. FWFC and Weldon crews then switched roles to cross-train on the equipment carried by both companies. Penndel Towing & Recovery is one of several local resources with specialized equipment for heavy vehicle rescues and trains regularly with many local fire companies.

Mutual Aid: Rescue 300