Commercial Vehicle Accident with 1 trapped
May 10, 2022

Stations 88 & 10 were dispatched for a vehicle fire at MM 339.5 E/B on the PA Turnpike at 0550hrs. CH88 updated the location to 339.1 E/B. Upon arrival CH88 advised there was no fire but the driver was still in the vehicle so the incident was upgraded to a rescue. 88 and 10 units worked together to gain access and package the patient into a stokes basket. Crews carried the patient over to the base of the embankment where they utilized a 24ft ladder and rope system to carry the patient up to the roadway.

Rescue 44 was added to assist with the rope system and hazmat due to diesel leaking into a nearby creek. An underflow dam was constructed and multiple hazmat booms were deployed to slow down the leaking diesel fuel.

While units worked to remove the patient Rescue 29, Rescue 7 & Rescue 300 were added to the assignment to determine how much diesel fuel had made its way further down the creek along Virginia Drive.